Minnesota's Round Barns
              Minnesota's Round Barns.
About Minnesota's Round Barns
Over the past ten years, photography has become a passion for me. Slowly over that time, as my skills have improved, I have entertained ideas of publishing some of my work. The subjects for my photos have centered on historic buildings: lighthouses, churches, and more recently, round barns. Following publicity a while back about efforts to save a round barn near my home, I became more interested in them, did research, and set about the state photographing as many as I could.

A few years back I designed some round barn desk calendars which I sent to friends and relatives in lieu of the traditional Christmas card. They were well received and inspired several of the recipients to learn more about round barns.. With that experience in mind, I decided to set up a website to share my photos and experiences as I traveled around the state hunting down these historic structures.

My initial research indicated that there were 72 round barns still standing in the state of Minnesota. Their  condition ranged from excellent to to very poor. In the spring of 2017 I completed photographing all the state's remaining barns, finding that only 48 now exist. Over the past ten years 24 of the round barns on my original list had fallen due to weather and neglect.