Minnesota's Round Barns
              Minnesota's Round Barns.
     Did you know? 
  • The term round barn refers to barns that are polygonal (many-sided) as well as circular in design.Polygonal barns   can have 6,8,9,10,12,14, or 16 sides
  • The first recorded round barn in the United States belonged to George Washington, our first president.
  • The round barn era in the United States spanned the years from 1850-1936.
  • The height of round barn construction was from 1880 to 1920.
  • Round barns can be found in 29 of the 87 counties in Minnesota.
  • Two Minnesota counties have four barns within their borders. They are Carver and Fillmore.
  • The northern-most round barn in Minnesota is near Trail in Polk County.
  • There are two barns that lie within the borders of  a city. These are in Sartell (Stearns) and Andover (Anoka).
  • The technical term for round barns is nonorthagonal, meaning that they contain no right angles.
  • Round barn kits could be ordered from companies like Sears and Roebuck​. Often, crews of builders who specialized in round barn construction traveled throughout various states building barns.